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Did you know that carbon fabrics also play a role in the successes of Czech athletes? Kordcarbon a.s., the foremost Czech manufacturer of carbon and hybrid fabrics, supplies those representing our country with top quality sporting equipment. For example carbon fibre is the basic material for the boat of the kayaker Richard Hála.

TU Brno Racing
student constructors’ team

The student constructors’ team TU Brno Racing (Technical University Brno Racing) operates under the Brno University of Technology and takes part in the global project Formula Student (FS), the European offshoot of the American Formula SAE.

TU Brno Racing

This competition was founded in 1981 and was set up with the purpose of better preparing students for work. The concept is based on the functioning of a fictitious company that has the aim of developing a one-man formula-type vehicle for weekend racers. Each year the FS teams must design a new vehicle, produce a prototype, undertake a cost analysis and prepare a marketing plan. On top of this the individual teams have to race their prototypes on world-renowned circuits. More than 600 university teams from around the world are involved in this project, which means that taking part is a prestigious opportunity.

Since the start of the project in 2010 the TU Brno Racing team has built 7 racing cars, Dragon 1 to 7, with which they have taken part in races across Europe, among others at Silverstone (UK) and Hockenheimring (DE). In Dragon 7 the team won a place at the top when on 10/10/2017 they reached fifth place in the table. In 2017 the team aced the Formula Student Czech and gained an excellent placing in the race in Hungary. For the second year they were the only team to qualify for the highly prestigious Formula Student Germany, where overall they managed an excellent 6th place. This season the completed the competition in Russia, where they only participated in the static disciplines. From these they took away two first places and one second. Currently Dragon 8 is in development, for the production of which KORDCARBON products will be used.